Barrio de las Letras: The great people behind where I shop

The Barrio de las Letras is my neighborhood.  Although it is located next to many tourist destinations, it functions and feels very much like a neighborhood. I do not need to leave the neighborhood for my grocery shopping and errands. But the heart of this neighborhood is the people. You will find all the places I have mentioned on this map, as well as other restaurants and locations that I will feature on another post. Also, the highlighted words (in pink) contain links to the website of the place.


Licores Cabello The best place to shop for wine and liquors you must stop by Calle Echegaray to Licores Cabello where you will be well guided by Maria,her husband Jesus, or her father, David.


Maria and her father David

The Cacharrería and the Barber

For more information on Amparo’s pottery shop read about the little shops I love.


Of course, if you nee anything ranging from lightbulbs, soap and kitchen gadgets you must stop at Multitienda León. Pablo has everything, and will help you with a wonderful laugh.




Across from him on the Calle León you will find the widest selection of Gins and Tonics, as well as beer from all over the world at a shop called Mas que Cervezas



View of the back of the Mercado

My friends love to accompany me to the Mercado de Anton Martín for my grocery shopping. This three level building is where the locals shop, as opposed to the Mercado San Miguel which has become a crowded tourist destination. This market is located between Atocha and Santa Isabel Streets. You may enter through the narrow alley, Pasaje Doré.


Classic Movie Theater

The market is located next to the fabulous Cine Doré, where you can catch a wonderful classic film, and drink a beer at the lobby bar.

The market building occupies two floors of the building while the third floor houses the famed flamenco academy, Amor de Dios. Here at the vendors you find in the lower floor. There is also a great Japanese food counter right across the fishmonger.

On the second floor there are more places to eat and drink. There is also a health food shop and the wonderful flower shop, Flowrs.


Leti at her shop Flowrs


Very close to the market, I get my clothes tailored at Taller de Costura Buenavista by this lovely  mother and son team. They also collaborate with local artists/architects,, on very cool art installations.


Calle Amor de Dios/Moratín

At Centro de Estética, Paloma and her daughter can take care of your nails, waxing, facials and tanning needs.

For a good drink or a bite to eat you can head to the corner of Amor de Dios and Moratín to Los Chanquetes