Madrid: Eating and Drinking

Look at the map above to see some of my favorite places to eat and drink in Madrid. Click on the markers for more information!

Click here for a friend’s an incredibly thorough map of his restaurant and sites recommendations: Ricardo’s Madrid

So many places to eat…these are some of my favorites. They now take reservations, and please press on the highlighted link for their pages.  These are special restaurants, tried and tasted by me, in no particular order.

Salon de Despiece: Probably one of my favorites, now accepting reservations, is innovative and delicious cooking from chef Javier Bonet, is a feast for all your senses. I would order their tasting menu, you won’t regret or forget the experience. They have opened a second restaurant close to Sol. Here is a post from my visit, I will put pictures of my recent visit soon.

Triciclo: Another favorite Chef, Javier Goya.  In this quaint restaurant in the heart of Barrio de las Letras, you will have an incredible culinary experience, a little bit quieter and not as “performance” as the Salon de Especie, but equally as innovative and delicious. Highly recommend it. If you don’t manage to score a reservation try any of its sister restaurants Sua and Tandem.

La Ferreteria: Located at Atocha St., where I use to frequent to buy nails and screws, this former hardware store now houses an incredible restaurant. Helmed by the prized Jamón slicer, Emilio García Ortigosa, this restaurant also offers an incredible art collection with work by Dalí, Chillida, Cristina Iglesias, among other greats.  Don’t forget to order the plate of jamón, a must.

Gofio: Very close to our house, we stumbled on this tiny restaurant shortly after it opened in 2015, and we continue to be a big fan. The chef’s menu offers a fresh and rich taste of Canary Islands cuisine.  Feeling like you are eating in somebody’s living room, you will be surprised you are eating in such an extraordinary restaurant.  We proudly have witnessed how the chef has garnered the recognition throughout the years, earning its well earned Michelin star.

La Trainera- A classic restaurant, specializing in fish, in the Barrio de Salamanca. Elegant and on the higher-end, it is popular for lunch among business executives.

Pimiento Verde-One word: Artichokes! Even if you are not a big fan, the way this restaurant prepares its artichokes will make you come back to Madrid just for one more bite.  There are various locations: one right next to the Mercado San Miguel and another in the Barrio de Salamanca. This full service restaurant serves delicious basque food. There is also another one by the same chef, under a different name, Flores de Alcachofas, in Paseo de Castellana that is also lovely and also serves the wonderful artichokes.

Chocolateria San Gines– The most famous place for churros, and definitely my favorite. It is used to be open 24hrs a day, now I believe until midnight, so you can stop by whenever is best for you.

These are some celebrity chefs and or michelin starred restaurants.

  • SPLURGE: modern cuisine: Santceloni, La terraza del Casino, Diverxo.
  • CLASSICS: El Sobrino del Botín, Casa Lucio, Zalacaín
  • OVERRATED and trendy: Amazonico
    • Tortilla (spanish omelette): Casa Dani, inside Mercado de la Paz in Barrio Salamanca, Ocafu, on Prado 10
    • Gambas a la plancha o alajillo: Casa del Abuelo near Sol, C. de la Victoria
    • Aperitivo: Taberna La Dolores near El Prado.