Córdoba is one of the must-see cities of Spain. Located south of Madrid, it occupies the northern tip of the Andalusian cities triangle with Sevilla and Granada.  Accessed via the Ave train, it is an easy stop on your way from Madrid to Sevilla.  Of course, approaching it by car, allows you to visit the many beautiful surrounding towns and landscape.

I turned to my friend, and native cordobés, Fernando Cano, to share local recommendations and his photos. Click on the titles for the link to their official webpage.


  • La Mezquita– The Mosque.  This if of course the city’s main attraction. A 16th century Catholic cathedral built inside the remarkable 12th Century mosque.  Its Patio de los Naranjos is one of the most beautiful contributions of Islamic architecture.
  • Alcázar de los Reyes Católicos and the gardens.  Alcazar means castle in Arabic.
  • Palacio de Viana– visit this palace to see the magnificent patios.
  • Medinat Alzahara– ruins of the Caliphate city
  • Roman bridge
  • Cristo de los Faroles
  • The Cuesta del Bailío (the Bailío Steps), is a beautiful street that leads you to the Capuchin Plaza and a famous statue, Cristo de los faroles
  • Museo de Julio Romero de Torres in the Plaza del Potro. This museum houses a famous painting, Chiquita Piconera which appeared in the old currency, 100 pesetas bill.

Eat: The most famous dishes are: rabo de toro (ox tail, has a texture of stewed beef) , salmorejo (a cold, thick, tomato soup, similar to a gazpacho but it only consist of tomatoes, bread, garlic and spices), pescados fritos (fried fish), bacalao (cod), churrasco (flank steak) , revueltos de ajetes (scrambled eggs of garlic chives).

  • El Caballo Rojo– This is my personal favorite, where I ate more than 16 years ago. It is located right across the Mezquita. My suggestion is to make a reservation for a heavy lunch after visiting the Mezquita. This restaurant perfectly embodies the Arab heritage in its cuisine.
  • El Churrasco
  • Bodegas Campos near the Plaza del potro .
  • Noor-I have not been here yet, but I intend to soon! This is a Michelin guide restaurant and has great reviews.