Yale Specific Tips

Please press on the highlighted links for more information. Please refer to my previous post for general must dos.

 Abbreviations and Terms:

  • HOC-Head of College: is the head of the residential college. They oversee all social aspects and wellbeing of the students
  • Dean of College: The dean of your college is who signs your final schedule and who you go to for your general academic needs.
  • Advisor: you will be assigned an advisor by your college, and you will meet with this advisor to discuss your interests and the courses you want to register but the Dean ultimately signs off your schedule. You can switch your advisor after the first year.
  • Froco: is an upperclassman assigned to a small group of students (froco group) who provides peer mentoring and guidance who lives in your residential college
  • DUS: Dean of Undergraduate Studies for your major. Once you declare a major, the DUS will have to approve your schedule, before the DOC does the final approval.
  • DR and skills; Distribution Requirements:  Humanities, Social Sciences, Science, Foreign Language, Quantitative Reasoning, and Writing. 

Shipping and Housing:

  • There is a receiving center for packages, it needs to be addressed to the student and the college, they will send you an email when they receive it and you need to pick it up. For sending packages before move-in, you need to look closely at the date you may begin receiving packages there.  The location is a bit inconvenient but ok if you don’t receive a lot of packages.  UPDATE FOR 2020/21: they will forward your packages to your residential college during the 14 day quarantine period. Keep in mind, you will not receive regular US Postal mail there. UPDATE FOR 2020/21: they will let you receive voting ballots at your residential college, please scroll down on the link above for more info. To receive US Mail, you need to rent a box from either the USPostal Service which is close to Old Campus or UPS which is closer to Morse/Stiles. 

Proxies and HIPPA release:

  • From Yale: You can designate another person to receive your protected health information or to ask questions on your behalf, but you must give written permission, with a Designation of Patient Spokesperson form (PDF). For more information, call Yale’s Health Information Management Department at 203-432-0062.

Moving in:

  • There is a student-run organization that will bombard you with emails, from there you can get with your suitemates a refrigerator/microwave combo (split the cost amongst your suitemates), you order it before move-in day and they deliver it at the beginning of the semester and retrieve it when you move out. Update: for the 2020-2021 year Yale will provide this and will be at the suite upon arrival.
  • The same group also sells bed sets, food, etc.  The only thing I would consider getting from them is the mattress topper so that you have it there once you move in. Otherwise, you would need to time the shipping for it to arrive and be processed at the receiving center upon your arrival.
  • Beds are fully adjustable, so you can rise them to add storage in the bottom.
  • There is a new service by Bulldogbeds that provide a topper that widens the bed. I have never seen this so I cannot vouch for it.

Class Selection/ Tips

  • Make a spreadsheet with different tabs for all the potential majors you may have. Look at the prerequisites and see if any coincide with other potential majors. Make the first tab one for all of Yale’s distribution requirements.  On the Yale Course Search all classes will indicate which Distribution Requirement do they satisfy if any.
  • Distribution Requirements: Read here for all the rules about which DRs are needed to advance to the following. Year. This is a sample table:
Distribution Requirements 1 2
Humanities (2)
Sciences (2)
Social Sciences (2)
Foreign Language (Level 5)AP Course (if score of 5)Level 5 language course
Quant.Reas (2)
Writing (2)

First-Year Seminars: 

  • Try to take at least one per semester. This is your one opportunity to have a small class size.  Try to take a course that will satisfy one of the distribution requirements and if possible, choose the DR that you anticipate would be the hardest to satisfy later depending on your major.
  • You have to pre-register for the seminar before the semester begins, so pay close attention to the emails and the deadlines. You will have to rank them in order of preference and show up on the shopping period.

Course Selection:

  • Take a good look at your potential major prerequisites. Some majors have very specific requirements and course sequences so it’s best to plan ahead of time.  
  • On Yale Course Search-once you log in, you can create different workbooks.  You can have a general one, where you add classes that look interesting to you, and then create a custom one for the semester.
  • Course Table– is a great resource to read reviews of both the Professors and the overall course.
  • AP credits: pretty much won’t count for much except for acceleration credits. You can read more about that, yet it is still very confusing. The only way it works if you want to graduate a semester early. 
  • AP Credits will not count into your 36 credits required to graduate AP credits will help you skip an intro class, but it is on a case by case basis.
  • For Foreign Language: if you get a 5, then you still have to take one Level 5 language course and then you will satisfy that DR.

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