Self Portrait Reflected on Dan Graham Cylinder Bisected by Plane

This is a blog about my LIFE, my VIAjes, and about ROSA’s personal opinions and viewpoints.

Many friends have encouraged me to start a site where I can post the answers to their questions on travel, cooking, restaurants, parenthood and life in general. These are of course my personal opinions and they reflect our family’s way of life.

I love eating, cooking, traveling, design and especially being a mother. We have taken our kids all over the world since they were born. We are independent travelers who are not high maintenance. At times, friends have called us “intense, active, brave, high energy and crazy.” I am curious, hate tourist traps and want to discover special objects and places. I want to learn about cool, well designed places, restaurants, neighborhoods, etc.

It will take me some time to download all the info stored in my head, search my emails and photographs and finally find time to post.

So…please check back. I will be updating some posts, adding more information and learning how to tweak the look and feel of this site.

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