Life Via Rosa

Welcome to Life Via Rosa!

This is a site about my LIFE, my VIAjes, and about ROSA’s personal opinions and viewpoints.

Many friends have encouraged me to start a site where I can post the answers to their questions on travel, cooking, restaurants, parenthood, college and life in general.

The new venture: Advising Services, began as a response to the increasing request to help navigate the overwhelming path to college and beyond. Through word of mouth, many friends have recommended me to help create a strategic plan for their young adults. There are a lot of resources, and college advisors out there, but often, once the student gets accepted to college, they feel lost and do not know where to begin to find information and explore all the opportunities available to them.

I also devote a big part of this site to my travels and a local guide to Spain. My family and I take many trips around the world and I am here to give you insight on what to eat, where to stay, and things to do when you visit. I have my work cut out to put all the trips here, but look down below to see some of our recent trips, or hover over the Travel section in the menu bar.

In general, on each post I like to include a Google Map with different layers with road trip recommendations, places to eat, and things to see. On the articles I like to add highlighted words which provide you with links to find more information. These can be helpful to plan your trip more in depth. I hope you find this helpful! Please leave a comment telling me if the tips were helpful or which one was your favorite.

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